Sandro Barros

A major reference in the Brazilian party fashion, Sandro Barros was, for 10 years, the designer of Daslu Couture and in 2012 opened his own brand, Atelier Sandro Barros, in a house in the heart of São Paulo.

There have already been brides, international stars and a multitude of women of all generations in search of the perfect clothes to pack their dreams, on occasions more than special. They are embroidery executed in unique and specialized techniques, lace entirely made by hand, high quality fabrics that come to life in feminine shapes and creations of high craftsmanship.

His collections, with long awaited themes, reflect the stylist’s nomadic and artistic nature, visiting operas, exotic destinations, art collections, passion for porcelain, music and history. Every season, Sandro Barros adds a new expertise to the wardrobe that goes from day to night: leather pieces, exclusive prints, children’s clothing, the range is immense.

Today, Sandro Barros serves customers from all regions of the world and Brazil and maintains a ready-to-wear clothing line, Sandro Barros Blue Label, available in Atelier and in the best multibrands in the country.